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We are an experienced men's printed shirts exporter, manufacturer and Men's shirts supplier since the past 5 years with an ambition to become one of the top men's shirts exporter, from China. Nanjing Full Trust Company has a wide range of Men's Printed Shirts with quality fabric specifications. We use high quality 100% cotton chambray fabric up to 160 GSM, 100% yarn dyed cotton up to 130 GSM and so much more. We source the shirts from the best men's shirts suppliers from China as we are always focusing on building a relationship based on trust with customers since we are not only looking to sell our products but to secure a long term business with clients. We are always putting our maximum efforts as a men's printed shirts supplier by fulfilling all the requirements of our customers at the most affordable rates and by delivering orders on time. So, in case you are looking for a reliable men's shirts supplier or men's shirts exporter from china, please call us now at +86-13905186459 or send us an email!

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Men's Printed Shirts FAQs and Reviews

What is Cotton Chambray Fabric?

Cotton Chambray might look like a denim fabric as it is originally light blue in color. It is a cotton plain-weave fabric that is created with a dyed warp yarn and a white filling yarn. The cotton chambray fabric has a softer texture and is way thinner in construction when compared to the original denim. We at Nanjing Full Trust Company are offering 100% cotton chambray fabric shirts as we want to establish our name as one of the top Men's Shirts Exporter from China. Please look at the below video to learn more about cotton chambray fabric:

Is Chambray Fabric Immune to wrinkles?

No, Chambray fabric is not immune to wrinkles, however in order to take care of the wrinkles, use hot iron.

What is Yarn Dyed Fabric?

Yarn dyed fabric basically means that the yarn is first dyed before weaving it. It gives a very different look from a fabric that is weaved then dyed. Most of the men's printed shirts at NFIApparelExport.com are processed from yarn dyed fabric.

How is Cotton Yarn Dyed?

The following video explains in detail how a cotton yarn is dyed before manufacturing Men's Printed Shirts. We and our sources i.e the best men's shirts suppliers from china, use the similar method to dye cotton yarn.

What is the MOQ for Men's Printed Shirts?

We generally offer a low MOQ of 800 pieces to our customers in order to establish a long term relationship with them as a men's shirts exporter from China.

How Long Have You Been Men's Shirts Exporter from China?

We have been exporting Men's Printed Shirts since the past 5 years and are always putting our maximum efforts to increase our client portfolio worldwide!

What is the Origin Of These Printed Shirts For Men?

We source from the one of the best Men's Shirts Supplier from China in order to deliver our customers with a business experience that they remember forever!

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