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Girls Jeans by Nanjing Full Trust Company Limited

Our Company is a leading girls jeans exporter, Supplier & girls jeans manufacturer from China that offers all kind of girls clothing at lowest prices. We source our jeans from the best girls jeans manufacturers in China. We have over 10 years experience in the girls jeans and other clothing products. If you are looking for reliable girls jeans clothing supplier, then call us now at +86-13905186459 or contact us via email now!

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Girls Jeans FAQs and Reviews

How Long Have We Been Girls Jeans Exporter?

Nanjing Full Trust Company has been girls jeans exporter since the last 5 years. Our wide experience in the girls jeans export industry has provided us a very detailed understanding of customer needs across the Globe and therefore, we offer customers with the most premium quality girls jeans that fit to their fashion needs.

Which Fabric Do We Use in the Girls Jeans?

The girls jeans are prepared using the 100% cotton denim (10.5 OZ). However, as a reliable girls jeans manufacturer we offer customization in the denim fabric specification to customers to meet their requirements completely.

What is the Minimum Order Quantity for Our Premium Quality Girls Jeans?

We have a standard MOQ of 1000 pieces per colorway, however in order to be your regular and continuous girls jeans supplier from china, we can negotiate our MOQ for a few special customers.

Where Do We Source Girls Jeans in China?

We source from the best girls jeans manufacturers in China to provide our customers with ultimate satisfaction in quality. We also manufacture quality girls jeans at our factory in Jiangsu, China.

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