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Girls Apparel & Girls Clothing by Nanjing Full Trust Company

We have been Girls Apparel & Girls Clothing Exporter, Manufacturer & Supplier from China, offering the best clothing and apparel for girls at the lowest possible prices since the past few years. Our product line for girls apparel includes Girls Denim Jeans, Girls Denim Shorts, Girls Jackets, Girls shirts and so much more. The girls clothing that we offer are best for age group between 8-14 years. All the girls apparel that we sell are pre-washed using the Sandblast Pre Wash type and we use 100% denim fabric. If you are looking for a reliable Girls Apparel Exporter from China, call us at +86-13905186459 or contact us by email!

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Girls Apparel & Girls Clothing FAQs / Reviews

How Long Have We Been Girls Apparel Exporter?

Nanjing Full Trust Company Limited has been girls clothing exporter since the past 5 years. We have been exporting Girls Apparel products throughout the world from the year 2015!

What is The Origin of the Girls Clothing That We Offer?

Nanjing Full Trust Company has an ambition of becoming a well known girls apparel exporter in the Globe therefore, we source all the girls clothing products from the best girls clothing suppliers and manufacturers in China.

What is the Minimum Order Quantity for Girls Apparel Products at Nanjing Full Trust Company Limited?

We believe in 100% customer satisfaction, therefore we offer a low minimum order quantity of 1000 pieces per color on all the girls clothing products

What Payment Terms Do We Accept for Girls Clothing Products?

As a reliable girls apparel exporter we offer very easy payment terms i.e 30% Advance payment and 70% after delivery of goods

Which Fabric Do We Use in the Girls Apparel Products?

We use 100% denim fabric in the girls clothing products in order to fulfill our commitment with customers as a trusted girls apparel exporter. Following is the picture of the denim fabric that we use for girls clothing products:

Girls Clothing Products Denim Fabric

Girls Clothing Products Denim Fabric

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